Collagen is health surgery

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Collagen is health surgery

          Physical appearance and beauty can be corrected by surgery just overnight. To be healthy, in addition to exercising or performing proper daily activities, food is also a key to good health. Taking nutritious food is thus essential for health-conscious people. “Collagen” is one of the natural foods popularly included in every healthy diet recipes. In our own body generally comprises of collagen protein; thus, consuming collagen will have nutrients and benefits that will help you to be healthy like a saying: “Collagen is health surgery”.

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The reason why collagen is a health surgery.

  1. Collagen helps maintain skin, nail, hair health – The body’s collagen production is reduced when we are older. You will notice less flexible and lowered skin, also increased wrinkles, more fragile fingernails and toenails, reduced the moisture of scalp, broken and less hair. The intake of collagen is like increasing protein in our body that can help keep all skins tight, flexible and damp, also help repair and remove dead skin cells and keep skin, nails, scalp, hair always healthy.

  2. Collagen reduces joint pain and deterioration. – if you feel pain and swelling in your knee, joints, legs, or body aches. This symptom means the loss of nourishment with collagen. The tendons and cartilage will move harder. Collagen is comparable to the lubricant that makes the mechanisms in our body move more easily, reduces the pain and risk of joint deterioration when getting older.
  3. Collagen helps to prevent leakage in the intestine. – Collagen helps break down useful protein to help maintain damaged cell walls, as well as to create connective tissue to “seal and cure” the protective layer of the gastrointestinal tract.

  4. Collagen improves metabolism and helps build muscle mass. – collagen contributes to the conversion of important nutrients. Glycine in collagen helps build muscle tissue by converting glucose into energy for muscle cells.

  5. Collagen maintain liver – collagen has glycine to help reduce the damage to the liver in case of the absorption of toxins, dangerous substances or alcohol which are harmful to the liver and our body.
  6. Collagen helps nourish the heart and blood vessels. – Amino-Proline helps reduce the formation of fat in the blood, repair internal tissues of joints and blood vessels. It also helps control blood pressure.

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           If you rarely have the opportunity to consume foods with high collagen. Choosing collagen supplements is a good choice. Collagen supplements are present in many forms: beverages, tablets, capsules, power etc. Different types may provide different benefits and nutritional values. The proper consumption of collagen will make you healthier as if you get a health surgery.

             Consult the expert in collagen, Halamix. We are the manufacturer, importer, and distributor of collagen in both domestic and international markets for more than ten years. You will provide you with valuable knowledge of collagen and the proper way to consume collagen for your specific purpose, leading to your own health surgery, which can easily be done by yourself at home.

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