Collagen manufacturer: quality for consumersNowadays

collagen manufacturer

Collagen manufacturer: quality for consumers

Collagen manufacturer: quality for consumers

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Nowadays, you may find various kinds of collagen products in the markets or shopping malls; in forms of supplements, beauty products, drinks containing collagen or collagen peptides. However, behind the scene of these varied brands, there are different collagen producers who have different processes in collagen production of which the consumers should be aware.

Making sure of collagen quality over your purchase

The most important thing in buying collagen is that the consumers should be aware of the importance of the manufacturing process of the product. This includes the producer’s quality, source of raw materials or ingredients used in manufacturing, manufacturing process, quality control procedures, and constant improvements in product quality by the collagen manufacturer.

Halamix international co.,ltd   realizes that the quality of collagen producers will result in the quality and safety of the products that the consumer will get. With our experience and expertise in the collagen business for more than 10 years, Halamix has selected ingredients from highly qualified producers of collagen; delicately fabricated in Korea, then imported in Thailand, together with the approval of quality by the global standard as ISO 9001, HACCP, HALAL Certification, EDQM, US FDA, KOSHER. These could clearly indicate and measure the quality of our collagen production and surely benefits for consumers. The production process has also been implemented with a strict quality control; high-technology controlling equipment & tools, globally accepted and used around the world such as AAS-Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, GPC-Gel Permeation Chromatography, Air Texture Analyzer which ensure high-quality and safety products giving a real nutritional value of collagen.Thus, the consumers can surely make sure of the quality of our collagen manufacturer.


Finely selecting high-quality manufacturers of collagen, Halamix not only gives perfect collagen products but also provides high-end service as one of the biggest suppliers in Thailand.  What we have done makes us earn trust and confidence, with rapports established with clients in various industries using collagen in manufacturing such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutritional supplements, health, cosmetics, etc.

To get a collagen product of quality, perfectly responding to the requirement, consumers must not forget to check the quality of collagen producer and related factors as mentioned above. Of course, if you choose our collagen, you will definitely get collagen products of high quality, produced by world-class standard manufacturers.



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