Many factors come into play including lifestyle, environment, stress, and premature ageing. A big culprit for the loss of collagen can also be due to unhealthy diet and lack of sleep. We may take it for granted that we’re only young once, but well, there’s a price to pay for youth.

Hence, many are turning to supplementary help like collagen drink. Collagen functions to renew our cells, support connective tissues, and most importantly, to keep skin firm and bouncy. There are five key factors to consider when buying collagen drink.

1. Right Amount – The recommended content would be between 2500 – 5000 mg

2. Molecule Size – This would determine how fast you’ll see result; the right size will be easily digested and absorbed while the wrong size will put a burden on the colon and liver

3. Source – Collagen are normally obtained from fish; the taste will be greatly affected by where your chosen brand is sourced from

4. Formula & Technology – The process that goes into every bottle needs to be of a certain quality, whereby in some cases heat can affect the taste of collagen and its efficacy.

5. Absorption Ability – This is depending on the individual’s body function

Another thing to look out for when shopping for collagen drink is safety. As in whether the product you’re buying is of good quality and meets the standard. Is the capping tight? Does it have a slimy or fishy after taste? What are the ingredients used?

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Date: 28/02/2015

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