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“Wholesale collagen” Where? How? How much?

The current consumption of collagen goes widely thanks to its nutritional benefits and positive effects for health and beauty. Thus, variety of collagen products has been relatively made for consumers, according to a huge market demand. Some people look for “Wholesale collagen” to only meet the nutritional needs while some look for it to create their own collagen business.

Who wholesale collagen? Where to buy collagen at wholesale price?


Wholesale collagen” seems to be the first keyword used to start looking for information on the internet for whether a consumer who wants to buy lots of collagen at good price or business owners who want to get wholesale collagen from major manufacturers or suppliers, to resell or transform their collagen material to variety of products such as collagen supplements. It is evident that there are so many collagen wholesalers that customers can be confused about how to choose.


Small collagen wholesalers – often get collagen from major suppliers or manufacturers and process their collagen into various types of products to be sold under their own brand or brands. Although the price is lower than buying from retailers but it is not the cheapest. Consumers should check the quality of product, product ingredients, assurance of quality, production process, etc.


Collagen Manufacture wholesalers – refer to factories capable of distilling collagen from the nature. (Not a factory which processes collagen food supplements). These sellers are normally in foreign countries because the internal manufacture bases have not been able to extract collagen from 100% nature. We are then most likely to import collagen from sources outside the country. Thus, despite very low rates of buying collagen from these manufacturers, customers often have trouble in communication and face obligation to order big lots which cost high in total.


Imported collagen wholesalers – import collagen produced from outside sources such as manufacturers of collagen supplements or businesses that specifically import collagen, etc. The customers get facilities in business communications; they talk directly to the company about what and how much collagen they want. Customers can easily negotiate, however they should also ask for information about the sources of imports, technical details as well as the assurance of quality of the manufacturing. Imported collagen wholesalers would offer you wholesale collagen at good price but you are required to make sure of quality first by checking the mentioned information.


Halamix has been ​​a leader in collagen market of Thailand for over 10 years. We import collagen only from the sources that are certified worldwide. We offer wholesale 100% natural collagen at accessible prices.



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